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Summer Sunset Cruise

An Eco Tour of a Lifetime!

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Participants All ages

Set Sail on a Crystal River Sunset Cruise Complete with a Nature Tour!

Crystal River is at the heart of the Nature Coast of Florida. The city is situated around the magnificent Kings Bay, which is spring-fed and keeps a constant 72-degrees Fahrenheit temperature year round. A cluster of 50 springs designated as a first-magnitude system feed Kings Bay. A first-magnitude system discharges 100 cubic feet or more of water per second, which equals about 64 million gallons of water per day. Because of this discharge amount, the Crystal River Springs group is the second largest springs group in Florida, the first being Spring Creek Springs in Wakulla County near Tallahassee. Kings Bay is home to over 400 manatees during the winter when the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico cools, and is the only place in the United States where people can legally interact with them in their natural conditions without that interaction being viewed as harassment by law enforcement agencies.

Our U.S. Coast Guard Licensed captains will take you on a journey through this lush landscape and let you experience first-hand the natural beauty we often take for granted. Tours begin in the Crystal River National Wildlife refuge, and the points of interest are adjusted seasonally to ensure the best chance at a glimpse of the wildlife and fauna the Nature Coast is famous for. While the Manatee tends to be the “star” of the show and draws worldwide interest, the area is host to many other species including otters, bald eagles, swallowtail kites and more than 200 other species of birds that have been spotted here. Long before Europeans came to this area of the world, native civilizations recognized the resources of the Crystal River area and left signs of their presence, some of which have been excavated and made accessible to visitors at the Crystal River State Archaeological Site. Boaters can see many other mounds as they cruise down the river. Join us for a Crystal River sunset cruise to take it all in. Book online today!